our firm

about us

Tangram Energy is a progressive London based Energy company that brings a new perspective to the changing corporate landscape of the UK Oil and Gas industry.

We believe that novel reuse, reutilisation and re-investment in assets, undeveloped discoveries and existing infrastructure to extend the resources and economic life of the North Sea basin makes great economic sense, and is an effective way to produce hydrocarbons essential for our daily life.

Tangram's technical expertise is buttressed by its access to capital through its financial partners that provides a unique edge when evaluating capital investments.

our focus

Through UKCS Licence Rounds to obtain new licences in mature areas, containing undeveloped discoveries with additional upside potential. Then utilise and remodel all existing data around these licences using the latest technology to develop creative plans for progressing these through to production utilising existing infrastructure.

Tangram seeks to establish effective Joint ventures composed of aligned partners with similar philosophies and willingness to collaborate; creating synergies in assets and expertise. Selecting appropriate partners at an early stage creates a complete buy-in to the development strategy of the asset, and results in sustainable long-term partnerships. Tangram is always open to innovative ideas and collaborative approaches.

Tangram is committed to carry out all its operations through to development in the safest and most cost effective manner, using best practice and the responsible use of resources. The principle is that financial planning, investment discipline, safety and environmental responsibility results in maximising shareholder value. This is of-course underpinned by high quality technical work and motivated staff.